Art Up is an aesthetic experience. It is an abstract painting on the wall or an authentic painting on canvas. It is a detailed depiction of reality, or an absolute fantasy captured by the eye of a photographer. Artup is a visual game full of minimalism, playfulness, colour and timelessness. It is the sensation you feel when you enter a room. Artup is your artwork embedded in the space. It is the missing detail creating the warmth of your home.

Our concept is based on the belief that a work of art or a painting is part of the story of your home. The originality of your space is underlined by the exclusivity and premium quality of the artwork. For us, quality is the most important statement value, which is why our paintings are available in limited quantities. This ensures that your interior feels unique and extraordinary.



Get free delivery with every purchase


We use premium 100% cotton canvas


The works are original and unique


Aesthetic value complemented by visual experience